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Let’s talk

We gave veterinary software a makeover

Your job demands dedication, devotion.
It’s countless hours and sacrifices only made more difficult by poor software.​​

That changes with rhapsody, an enterprise-level platform
built by tech whizzes and vet experts.​

It’s your support system,
powering your practice behind the scenes so pet care takes center stage.​

Rhapsody is our ode to you, to say thanks for all you do.

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Cat Dog

The ‘80s called, they want their PIMS back

settling for whats familiar

Settling for what’s familiar? Big mistake...huge!

Rhapsody’s got cat class and it’s got cat style. Our unified platform replaces endless tabs, misplaced sticky notes, and add-on software.​

So whether a single clinic or a practice group, efficient workflows are baked in and all essentials are accessible on one screen.

wheres the money.png

Ever wonder, where’s the money?

Rhapsody remembers everything. Every snip you take, Every charge you make, we record it all.

We connect the dots for you, so whether ordering, charging, or SOAPing, it’s just a few quick clicks for total charge capture.

Everything is so easy and efficient; your bottom line will take you straight to the top.

Where we’re going, you won’t need servers…

We live on the cloud

Cloud on, never cloud off

We live on the cloud (100% server-free) so wherever you go, there you are.

Fielding an impromptu client call on the go? Or opting to annotate & chill with a glass of red? All you need are your log-in details and any phone, tablet, or computer.


Paperless? Surely, you can’t be serious

We’re serious, the entire platform is paperless (and don’t call us Shirley).

Electronic records. Auto-populated fields. And totally clickable workflows. No more entering notes late into the night or tracking down an intake form from 1985.​

The only question is, what will you do with all this extra time?​

Nobody puts your data in the corner

migration speed

Feel the need for migration speed?

We built our own migration engine to clean, process, and transform your data.​

Our record is 48 hours to migrate a large veterinary practice. How’s that for speed?

data is normalized

Now whippet…Into shape.

Decades of stale data in a different platform doesn’t make it any less stale.​

We start with a deep clean to get the facts, so you know who you’re seeing and what you’re selling.​

And your data is normalized so when you take on us, you get a global inventory catalog, that builds on AAHA standards, right at your fingertips.

smart data

Got smart data?

Just search and select instead of guessing the correct spelling (daxun? Dashound? Dachshund?).

Reference auto-calculated invoices to avoid blaming mischarges on rogue sticky notes.​

Track performance with spectacular built-in visualizations and reports.

Not ready for a full PIMs, check out our stand alone data solution

PIMS data can be messy. With Petabyte Analytics, you have an out-of-the-box solution to consolidate, standardize, and deliver insights for practice administrators and managers of practice groups.

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Who ya gonna call? Rhapsody!

support team

Under pressure? Walk this way!

Our support team has worn your scrubs, so we get it.

Partner with your own account manager for hands-on training and guidance.

Use the built-in chat to message us any time or explore our extensive library of self-learning tools.

Money for nothing

Money for nothing, the rest for free

To get you more bang for your buck, we incorporated rhapsody’s cost into our merchant services. And the entire platform and support is on the house.​

Most practices save money with rhapsody. Every practice gets better software.

When your practice grows, we all win.





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